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The price of the turnkey house is 169 000 €
RehauSchneider ElectricToshibaHuntsmanDüfaBlauberg
It is 84% more energy-efficient than traditional constructions.
Top-quality materials
Environmentally friendly and low-maintenance materials.
Healthy & Sustainable
A reliable, healthy home in harmony with nature and climate.
Included in the price
High Tech Design Finish
Durable vinyl on the floor, walls painted with Dufa paint, hidden interior doors, strip led lighting
Signature kitchen
Accessories Blum, Facades Saviola (italy)
Included in the price
Included in the price
heating floor throughout the house
air recuperation
Fresh air is always in the house without having to open the windows
Included in the price
Included in the price
Fully finished bathroom
wall-hung WC, rain shower, glass shower screen, threshold-free drainage
Modern flat roof architecture
Our modern design includes a flat roof; large panoramic windows with terrace access; and awning. Our top-quality materials and design allows for climate control, ensuring both perfect temperature and humidity levels.
pwc terrace board no Maintenance required
Flat roof with hidden guttering
Night facade illumination
Floating steps with night lighting
Winter Crane
Modern aesthetics and comfort in interior design
Practical and thoughtful design combining style and convenience for your contemporary life. We use eco-friendly and high-quality materials. Our solutions ensure functionality, elegance, and durability, aligning with modern requirements and long-term value.
Floating walls with shadow joints
Made of fire-resistant cement panels that are 8 times stronger than drywall
Durable vinyl on the floor
Cement panels on the ceiling with designer shadow
Flush mount doors
Tropical shower with designer shadow
LED strip lighting
Thoughtful and ergonomic layout
Bedroom 1
10.1 m²
Bedroom 2
10 m²
Kitchen studio
35.2 m²
3.2 m²
15.5 m²
12 m
8 m
3.5 m
Built-up area with terrace
96 m²
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Energy efficiency
for 12 months
2 bedroom
power consumption
3950 kWh
Saving of 4500 kWh
2 bedroom
power consumption
9560 kWh
Wastes 4,500 kWh more energy
power consumption
3950 kWh
Saving of 4500 kWh
Thermal Protection - U = 0.15W(m2k)
Moisture Proofing - Dyring reserve: 304 g/m²a, No condensate
Heat Protection - Thermal capacity inside: 70 kj/m²K
power consumption
9560 kWh
Wastes 4,500 kWh more energy
Thermal Protection - U = 0.24W(m2k)
Moisture Proofing - Dyring reserve: 6895 g/m²a, No condensate
Heat Protection - Thermal capacity inside: 395 kJ/m²K
MODODOMUS allows for energy savings of up to 40-60%.
Due to the double steel frame with thermal break and the use of polyurethane foam insulation, applied by spray method (one of the most effective insulations in the world), and energy-efficient double-chamber insulated windows
Environmentally-Friendly House
Thermal insulation with polyurethane foam, spraying method. One of the best and environmentally friendly thermal insulators in the world. It is also the most durable thermal insulation material with a guarantee of 50 years.
Unrivaled Reliability and Durability Double Steel Seismic-resistant Frame with Thermal Breaks
The double steel frame with thermal break acts as a robust barrier against heat transfer, ensuring stable comfort and a healthy climate for your home. Compared to brick, concrete, and wooden houses, the steel backbone not only guarantees reliability but also offers superior strength.
Double-chamber insulated windows
Uw 0.71 W/m²KMulti-chamber profile, depth 82 mm
Depth: 82 mmMulti-chamber profileTriple thermal insulation glazing with 0.71 - W/m2K Uw valueHidden protective fittingsMosquito netsHeight of all windows: 2200 mm
fiber cement panel facade
Reliable, fire and moisture resistant
Fire resistant (do not contain flammable substances and can withstand direct flame exposure)Moisture and fungus resistant (guarantees low moisture absorption, inhibiting fungus formation)Eco-friendly (100% environmentally-friendly materials safe for human health)Strong (shockproof and built to last)
Modern interior design
Functional kitchen-living room
Designer bathroom
A cozy children's room
Always Breathe Fresh Air In Your House
To ensure sufficient indoor air quality, it is necessary to ventilate regularly, which leads to large heat losses in winter. In MODODOMUS, a heat recovery ventilation system is installed to ensure a constant supply of fresh and pre-warmed air without the need to open windows.
Smart Heating Floor Throughout The House
First-class soundproofing 65 dB
No on-site construction needed
A MODODOMUS house is delivered to you finished and ready for use. Only a few days are needed to secure connection to communications. After that, you can celebrate the housewarming party
MODODOMUS Factory built in
MODODOMUS are manufactured entirely in our factory from start to finish. This includes all household appliances such as outlets, air filters, climate control systems, heating units, electrical appliances, and plumbing fixtures. Additionally, our package encompasses all aspects of interior design, including flooring, doors, windows, as well as our own line of furniture.
Less worry and maintenance - now and in the future.
MODODOMUS is made using advanced materials and technological processes that are not used in classical construction. It is built to last with a precision-engineered, earthquake-resistant steel frame that is resistant to mildew, moisture, fire, rot and termites. Less worry and less maintenance, now and in the future.
Available now in Europe.
Delivery from our warehouse in the Czech Republic within 2 weeks.
€179 000
Taxes are not included
Included in the price

House frame

  • Seismic-resistant steel frame.
  • Rust-resistant and painted with fire-resistant paint
  • Thermal break-in wall construction


  • Premium facade made of fiber-cement facade panels SINIAT with shadow joints
  • Painting with 3 coats of facade paint. Dufa (Germany).
  • Wooden facade subsystem
  • Facade insulation membrane FASSADE 210 g/m²
  • Polyurethane foam thermal insulation 220 mm. (2/20) U = 0,125
  • Wooden frame reinforced with tabs for interior finishing
  • Additional protection against rodents and insects


  • The flat roof has an optimal slope of 2 degrees for a full flow of water.     HYPERDESMO® coating provides long-term service of the roof without the need for maintenance. 30 year warranty
  • Roofing membrane 190 g/m²
  • OSB sheet 10 mm
  • Counter-coating 100x25 mm board impregnated with fire retardant and antiseptic agent
  • Galvanised steel lagging 120 mm for sloping slopes
  • Polyurethane foam thermal insulation 220 mm. (2/20) U = 0,125
  • Hidden behind the façade. A safety drain is provided.


  • Galvanised profile sheet 0.55 mm, or aluminium composite sheet 3 mm
  • Galvanised steel lagging 120 mm
  • Polyurethane foam thermal insulation 220 mm. (2/20) U = 0,125
  • Counter-coating 100x25 mm board impregnated with fire retardant and antiseptic agent
  • Gypsum fibre floor board in 2 layers - 25 mm
  • Quartz vinyl flooring. Lockable quartz vinyl 3mm.

Thermal insulation of the house

  • First layer: closed cell polyurethane foam with a density of ±52~62 kg/m³ - protects the insulation layer from steam and provides maximum energy efficiency.
  • Second layer: polyurethane foam with a density of ±40 kg/m³ - creates first-class sound insulation and complements the energy efficiency of the house.


  • Two chamber double-glazed windows with PVC frames. Energy-efficient and offering increased sound insulation     Salamander window & door systems     2-chamber double-glazed window. Heat transfer coefficient U = 0.71 W/m2K     Color - Anthracite
  • 2200x3000 (2 blind sash, 1 sliding sash) - 1 pc (Living room)     2200x1000 (2 fixed sash) - 1 piece (Living room)     2200x2000 (1 fixed sash, 1 tilt-and-turn sash) - 1 pc (Main bedroom)     2200x1000 (1 tilt-and-turn sash) - 1 pc (Child bedroom)
  • Interior window blinds and curtains

Interior floor

  • Durable vinyl flooring - floor colors - Light oak

Interior walls

  • Cementum board. Floating walls with shadow lines

Interior doors

  • Concealed installation interior doors with Italian fittings (2000x800)

Bathroom finishing Glue-down luxury vynil tiles (LVT)

  • Color - Gray stone

Electrical wiring

  • Wiring thought out to the smallest detail according to standards using high-quality materials and advanced solutions
  • The necessary communications for connecting electric on a plot

Sockets and switches

  • Sockets located in all functional areas
  • Switches for main light and backlight zones
  • 1 pcs - USBх2 and 4 pcs - USB+USB Type-C sockets (charging ports).     2 pcs - sockets are located on the terrace.     3 pcs - RJ45 (internet cable outlat).     Some zones have walk-through and cross switches.


  • Ceiling lighting - LED stripe
  • Facade lighting
  • Interior decor lighting in functional areas

High-quality sanitary ware brand REA (Poland)

  • Wash basin REA
  • Toilet REA
  • Shower glass wall REA,  and Shelf
  • Mixer REA
  • Shower system REA
  • Installation REA
  • Bidet faucet REA
  • Ladder hidden REA

Built-in kitchen set.

  • Material - Saviola (Italy) and Egger (Germany).     Kitchen worktops - Laminated high density chipboard     Furniture fittings with a lifetime warranty - Hetich and Blum (Germany)
  • Set of built-in kitchen furniture
  • Kitchen island



Single-room heat recovery (INCLUDED)

  • Blauberg Vento Expert A50-1 S10 W V.2

Underfloor heating - 6 zones

  • ECOFILM heating foils FENIX 40 W/sq.m. with WIFI Thermostat

AENO smart eco heaters (700 W)

  • Black Glass 700W

30-year warranty on the structure of the house (INCLUDED)

2-year warranty covers structural issues and minor defects (INCLUDED)

Customer support (2 years INCLUDED)

Additional options



Modular sofa in the living room

€1 600

Coffee tables - 2 pcs


Dinner table


Dining chairs - 6 pcs


Bar chairs - 3 pcs



  • Whirlpool WHC18 T573


  • Whirlpool ABSOLUTE AMW 730 NB

Washing machin

  • Candy RO1486DWMT 1S



Cooking surface - Whirlpool WS Q7360 NE

  • Black Glass 700W


  • TV 43"
  • TV 55"

AC - 9 000 BTU to 20 m

  • Toshiba Haori Inverter AC A++ with Ionizer and WiFi
  • Toshiba Yukai Inverter AC A++

AC - 12 000 BTU to 30 m

  • Toshiba Haori Inverter AC A++ with Ionizer and WiFi
  • Toshiba Yukai Inverter AC A++

AC - 16 000 BTU to 40 m

  • Toshiba Haori Inverter AC A++ with Ionizer and WiFi
  • Toshiba Yukai Inverter AC A++

Fire Place

€2 800

The house is equipped with basic "Smart home" technology

€1 450

  • Safety - cameras, home intrusion sensors     leakage sensors water in the bathrooms and in the kitchen, fire and smoke detectors
  • Climate control - microclimate sensors and a system for regulating temperature, humidity and fresh air in the house

Semi autonomus Solar system

€2 500

  • Solar panels
  • Inverter
  • Batteries

Fully autonomous sewerage without the need for pumping.

€4 800

Water pump


Semi-autonomous water supply 4000 l

€1 600

BUILDING PERMIT Cost is approximate (depends on the architectural firm)

Not included in the price

Delivery + Crane

  • The exact price depends on the distance and complexity of the plot.
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